Stat of the Day Update: 6th to 12th August

SotD Update 13/8/12

SotD Update 13/8/12

Stat of the Day Update: 6th to 12th August

Brrrrrr! It's freezing here on the cold list at SotD.
We've just endured our worst week here since starting this one-per-day free service a whole nine months ago.

Yet, as Matt himself pointed out yesterday, good runs will always be followed by bad runs and the overall SotD picture is still a very healthy one: a profit of over 110pts in nine months with a return above investment of over 44%, thanks to a strike rate of 31%.  We all know for a fact that there are services out there charging £30+ per month for poorer returns.

(This is not a sales pitch, by the way!)

Selections & Results: 06/08/12 to 12/08/12

6/8: 6.20 Wolverhampton: Rockweiller (advised 11/2 BOG) : unplaced at 9/2
7/8: 3.20 Catterick: Ferdy (advised 4/1 BOG) : unplaced at 11/4
8/8: 6.00 Kempton: Hurricane Spirit (advised 13/2 BOG) : 3rd at 5/2
9/8: 3.50 Brighton: Maastricht (advised 9/2 BOG) : unplaced at 7/2
10/8: 5.55 Lingfield: Addikt (advised 12/1 E/W BOG) : non-runner
11/8: 3.25 Haydock: Licence To Till (advised 9/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 8/1
12/8: 4.05 Downpatrick: Charger (advised 14/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 11/2

6/8 to 12/8:
0 winning bets from 6
P/L: -6.00pts

1 winner from 11 = 9.09% S.R
P/L: -8.00pts
POI = -72.73%

77 winners from 249.5 = 30.86% S.R
P/L: +98.25pts
POI: +39.38%
plus a 12.03pt profit from 1 forecast => +110.28pts from a 250.5pt outlay = +44.02% POI



10 thoughts on “Stat of the Day Update: 6th to 12th August

  1. Matt Bisogno Post author

    Two points on this from me:

    1. There are services out there charging thousands per year who haven’t achieved the level of profit that SotD has!
    2. Note how we’ve beaten SP every day. There have been some non-runners in there, but still, the story is true: if you’re beating the market, you WILL win money long-term.

    Onwards and upwards.

  2. MikeA

    I’ve been following SotD since 1st March and have made 43.50 points profit in that time with an ROI of around 35%. Amazing for a free service and better than most of the stuff I’ve paid hard earned for!

  3. Ian L

    Hi Matt and Chris
    I agree that this is a very good service, I started on 16th July and so have seen the good and the bad. Unfortunately I increased my bet after the initial great results so am down over all at the moment. However, can you please clarify when you bet each way, is that 1point each way or a 1/2point each way? Many thanks Ian

    1. Chris Worrall Post author

      Hi Ian,

      We only stake 1pt per day, so to us, an E/W bet is 0.5pts E/W.
      I’ve not looked whther going to 1pt E/W is beneficial or detrimental, though: we just try and stick to 1pt per day.


    2. Matt Bisogno Post author

      In truth, Stat of the Day has kind of developed a life of its own. We didn’t really expect it to gain the following it has, and we’ve never been keen on offering staking advice. Saying that, we do use a one point win or half point each way scale: nice and simple, just like me. 😉


  4. Needers

    Can only echo what everyone else has said. For a free service, it’s top quality. Also, for me, it’s not just the tips given, but the write up as well. It gives good insight into how you chaps are thinking and how you decide on a selection. Sometimes it’s trainers, sometimes jockeys, form, etc. It’s all good information for the likes of me who are still learning and gathering knowledge on making selections.

    Keep up the good work.

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