Stat of the Day, 9th April 2013

Stat of the Day: 06/04/13

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day, 9th April 2013

Bene Lad was what I think they call 'not off' yesterday, as he was never put in the race and I strongly suspect his handicap mark is being massaged. Definitely one to keep an eye on in his next few runs.

It's Yorkshire this afternoon, and the...

2.10 Pontefract

Dolphin Rock is a very consistent sort, and when you're on the cold list that's exactly what you need to get the motor started again. He's raced nine times on good to soft ground, and been placed on all but two of them. True, he's only won once, and his overall good to soft form string reads 13222663.

His form at this mile trip includes three wins and eleven places from 23 starts, and in today's Class 5 he's 935432113. That seems to be the key to Dolphin Rock: he simply has a class ceiling. And, for a horse which has raced in as high as Class 2 (finishing second) just two seasons ago, and who won last backend, he's in a winnable grade here.

The draw has been kind to him, he's been nibbled at in the market, and if all sixteen run we'll get four places to aim at for today's each way bet, at 15/2 BOG with Stan James.

As ever, be sure to make sure that's still the best price available, and...

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9 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 9th April 2013

  1. Josh W

    Superb, off the cold list in some style, hopefully we have turned a corner! was confident of at least placing from at least 4f out (if not after the start where he bolted from stalls into the lead – knowing that not many come from behind at ponty)

    keep it up!

  2. damo

    Congratz! Looks like every1 has deserted u though from the lack of comments here.I use to check in everyday but even i have given up after what has been an atrocious last 4-5 months.I understand bad form and bad luck but your selections have been beyond that.Not knocking you at all but just telling it the way i’v seen it.Glad u got a winner though and hope u regain a bit of consistency which separated you from all the other sites.You used to stand out from the crowd.Here’s hoping u regain your crown. GL and TC Have a good day!

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      You’re entitled to your opinion, Damo, but you obviously only look at the final result of the selections, rather than the rationale and methodology we use. It’s NOT just a tipping service. The point is that we actually give people ideas about how to find winners for themselves as well as highlighting a horse we believe has a chance. Of course, some people will never get that and think they can do better.

      We remain around 100 points up since starting, all published here, and there are very few premium services that can match that from one pick per day.


  3. damo

    If u fancy a change of a luck then u could a lot worse than sticking these 3 in a small trixie. 3.40 Nott Sir Graham Wade 5.20 Catt Anna’s Arch 5.50 Catt Dartrix i’m on a hiding to nothing by giving u these but i thought i give u em anyway. GL

      1. damo

        My apologies if u have taken offence from my opinion which from the sounds of it u have.Do not ASSUME that i am 1 of those people who looks at the final result who then bases one’s opinion on that alone because that is not how i roll.I understand your methodology perfectly well and if it ties in with my selection process then i back em,if not i leave em.Seriously man i’m not talking through my pocket as the only selection i’v backed recently of yours was BANNA BORCHE which i had a nice little punt on which ran a bit of a shocker.That’s racing! I’v probably only backed about 4 of yours this year but i like to check in just to see your reasoning behind the days selection and to c if i agree.I’m just not getting the same buzz from a lot of these selections as i have done from previous winning and losing selections you’v highlighted which i have backed.I understand it’s tough having just 1 pick per day as some days i’m sure your stuck between a choice of 2-3 selections to put up and then there’s the days when really u don’t wanna put anything up because the days racing is dire but u have to put 1 up anyway.I have a good strike rate from picking and choosing certain selections of yours. Jupiter Rex was 1 that got away admittedly…. Grrrr but u can’t have em all ehh… oh and yesterdays winner of course.When mentioning change of luck i was referring to an overall change of luck,not just 1 winner 😉 Come on Matty don’t be mad man… i have faith in this site and there’s plenty of articles on it i enjoy reading so it’s nearly all good man!!! hehe you can give me plenty of stick tomorrow if u so desire when my 3 selections all trail in last… i’ll take it like a man. promise! 😀 gl today sir

        1. Matt Bisogno Post author

          I’m not mad Damo, and my own personal record is fine. Chris has had a really frustrating run, and he’s on holiday at the moment recharging his batteries. We review what we’re doing all the time, and I’ve asked Chris to pay more attention to the pace shape of races than he has done.

          The key to SotD and DD is that it is our opinion. Nobody is obliged to follow us in if they don’t want to, but equally we don’t expect to get ‘dug out’ when things aren’t going so well. Obviously, we know we will anyway! 😉


  4. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664)

    Hi Matt & Chris – Great win, tell your man that we don’t usually comment on a loss, you don’t need that from us. As you say I’m still 100 points to the good and follow you almost everyday.

    Like the daily dabble too – been pairing the D.D. with the SotD in an e.w. Patent. No great luck yet but at prices of 5’s/6’s for each horse when it does finally come up !!!!

    Great Work – Many Thanks

    1. damo

      Hi bob My point about the comments,or lack of,i should say is when there’s a winner on here you will see quite a few comments congratulating Matt or Chris on their winning selection.They had a good winner yesterday yet only 1 comment which is unheard of on here hence y i commented on that fact and possibly the reasoning behind it.Good idea with the DD and sotd trixie.. they will get 1 in eventually.Keep the faith Bob and it may pay for yer summer holiday.It’ll probably happen june-aug time when flat form is settled and going is quicker hopefully… best months of the yr for solid bets imo gl today Bob

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