Stat of the Day, 5th November 2012

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day, 5th November 2012

The drought shows no sign of abating and we reach touching distance of the start of Stat of the Day a year ago. It might be helpful to remember that since that innocent beginning this column has added 120 points of profit to the ledger, despite the recent barren spell. Heartening for the long-termists, but all will seek a reversion to the winning ways soonest... me included!

Today we're heading for the metropolis, and the...

2.40 Kempton

Nicky 'The Chemist' Henderson has a high strike rate wherever he runs his beasts, and Kempton is one of his favourite tracks. Over the last five years, he has led in 53 winners from 179 runners for a profit of 37.74 points.

Although his strike rate is slightly lower in handicaps, his profit figure is higher, and that's the sort of underlying trend we like here at SotD. Of Hendo's two runners, he has one in a handicap hurdle (the other, Golden Hoof, runs in the opening novices' hurdle).

That handicap racer is Mush Mir. Mush Mir is a consistent sort, having been in the first three in all four of his hurdle starts. Moreover, he's won three of them, finishing third on the other try.

This represents a tough assignment as there are many potentially smart horses in opposition, but Mush Mir has the winning habit over hurdles and conditions look optimal. A winner of his only start on good to soft; and a winner of five of his seven races within a furlong of this distance.

He does like to lead in his races and that's not a given here, but if he can get his way out front, he should offer a bold sight to all behind. 11/1 each way BOG with both bet365 and BetVictor is fair enough.

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15 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 5th November 2012

  1. Solemo

    Pity I bought trainer track stats,since a lot of the selections are on here,don’t know if that is a good thing at the moment though, Great content as always Matt.

  2. Ian L

    Hi Matt – the 365 is already into 10, but I got 11s with BetVictor. I think you should take some heart from the continuing positive comments from lots of different people ref SotD. The idiot rating “1” has continued as I am sure you know. Yesterday he beat me to it ie before 7.00am on a Sunday,and it looks like he’s already been in this morning too, so he’s keen at least! I didn’t actually vote yesterday, intending to come back later. However, the overall vote of 8.4 (I think from memory) should tell you something after that start!
    My one personal ask is that you don’t do anything different from what you would have done previously as a result of a losing run. eg picking high priced outsiders to regain everything at once. I am not saying you would, but if it takes 3 or 4 winners to catch up, so what?
    Best of luck all for today. Ian

  3. Bazza

    Started following this free service bcoz recommended by a friend. After two weeks of following, I’m starting to doubt my friendship !!!.
    I’ve read past posts and selections, but the last two weeks have been awful. Hopefully things can turn around soon. I have always wished and prayed for there to be a service which showed real profit. Stats have only proved this in the PAST. The present shows results which are typical of all services, paid or free. Very informative though and here to things getting better…

  4. Jamie

    Matt, just checking back at previous posts and the normal Stats update which appears weekly and shows tips, profit and loss, doesn’t seem to have appeared these last two weeks. Is it bcoz you’ve been in America ?.

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Jim/Charles/Bazza/Ruby (all from same IP address incidentally – hmmm)

      If you don’t like SotD, please exercise your right to go elsewhere. There is a saying: form is temporary, class is permanent.

      If you’re not too lazy, I strongly suggest you look through the past results and stop sniping. To be honest, I’m surprised anyone is so immature / ignorant as to bitch over a losing run lasting less than two weeks. Really, if you can’t deal with that, you should probably buy government bonds. 😉


  5. Stuart

    Those of you who’ve suddenly appeared in here bitching obviously think this is a crap service. Fair enough, you’re as entitled to your opinions as we regulars. May I suggest you continue to monitor the service and simply start laying the selections? (That way, the prices might stop falling so quickly for the rest of us.)

    One more thing – when you find a free service that makes 100 points in a year and never ever has a losing run, please let the rest of us know about it.

  6. Tim

    Keep going Matt. The logic is there and the tide will turn. In the long game you are well in front. The worse thing you can do now is to change your logic and methods that are proven over time. But you know that – obviously.

  7. Arnie

    Matt to be honest I thought you would ignore them and allow them to rant and take themselves somewhere, and maybe they are the cause of this bad spell but all the same Charles/Bazza/Rub show me a service that churns profit day in day out and i will join them asap. Anyway like Matt said, a service is as good as its results, every service has a barren run, sure i have had a barren run of a month and a half, and followed by 4 months of profit. So Matt onto tomorrows winner. (I did back Golden Hoof today anyway)

  8. Johnny5

    Well said Matt – some people want something for nothing . Basically Bazza / Charles P the reason this service gets 8/9/10 daily is that

    1. The community following the selections given on this site arn’t glory hunters like you two (same ?) people who think you can make a million with no effort

    2. Also those who have been on this site daily know that it’s profitable – period

    3. If you’re any punter of any level you know that there are good and bad runs

    4. It’s up to you of you back Matt and Chris ‘ selections – noone is forcing you to do so and if you’re not intelligent enough to pick and choose your bets and selections then go and ask your mum to do them for you

    5. These selections and stats are very very intelligently and cleverly selected in our view , and win lose or draw – its incredible punting information that is in our hands for Nowt . The fact you guys (guy) think that it’s a road paved with easy gold just shows what clowns you are

    6. Even the Most pro punters have at least one or two losing months a year – to deduce / mock this sites skill on two / three or four weeks of selections shows what bandwagonners you are

    Look in / dont bet / be quiet in the meantime ,,,, and then you’ll eventually see what you’ve been missing

    Ie – what we’ve been having

    Keep the faith Matt and don’t let the Chavs get to you …. Class is permanent

  9. martin

    matt, your work is realy good! i have my own approaches and if i then see a fancied horse by me on the sotd i double my stake and it realy pays out! also if i dont managed to find this particular horse by my own selection, its everytime a brilliant mention which i try to analys as deep as i can! by the way for all who dont understand the word statistic ( i m from switzerland and have some problem with the proper english, sorry for that) ; does not statistic alone stand for results in the past…statistic=past… and no guarantee for the future, like on the financial market and in the economics. but the lovely thing about statistic in horseracing is, that it tells you a bit whats going on in a specific trainer,horse,jockey or a combination. so its more to find there habitats and there way where they have success or WANT to have success.
    so keep it going!

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