Stat of the Day, 31st August 2012

Stat of the Day 31/08

Stat of the Day 31/08

Stat of the Day, 31st August 2012

No excuses for yesterday, I'm Super Too didn't come anywhere near either winning or living up to his name. He ran like a pig wearing a saddle. Anyway, the sun is shining and it's the start of the weekend, so let's spend Friday evening on the beach. Well, when I say beach, I mean the West Midlands all-weather track, possibly as far from the coast as you'll get in England! Our contest tonight is a 6-furlong Class 6 Handicap and we've 13 runners competing in the...

8.20 Wolverhampton

Theresnoneedfordat is today's selection: he comes into this race in good heart and decent form, having finished 3rd in each of his last three outings, but only beaten narrowly each time (less than a length on each occasion) and he finished strongly staying on from a slow-ish start in each of those races.

Theresnoneedfordat is trained by Stuart Williams, who has a good record here at Dunstall Park with a 21% strike rate generating a similar return on investment and a decent 52% place strike rate. Theresnoneedfordat is his only runner today and if the hood works for him, he should feature strongly once again.

With all this in mind, I'm happy enough to take some of the 13/2 BOG on offer from bet365 as an E/W bet, but you should always...

Click here for the latest odds for the 8.20 Wolverhampton.

23 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 31st August 2012

  1. Ian L

    Hi Chris and Matt

    Let me first say that I think SotD is a great service and I really enjoy the whole Geegeez site, which I only discovered a couple of months ago when I decided to return to the foray of horse race betting after quite a long break.

    My only slight frustration is that the price quoted can often be gone by the time I get to bet. This is usually just a point or so with 11/2 being down to 9/2 or similar and with other commitments I may not be betting till nearly mid-day, so fair enough. However, today I read the SotD at 10.00am and by 10.30am the 13/2 EW with 365 was down to 7/2 which obviously completely changes the perspective. In the event I have bet 1/2 a point to win, so I am at least involved.

    Do you have any general advice about what time to log on to SotD, or any other suggestions re getting the best prices?

    Best wishes
    Ian L

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Hi Ian

      Thanks for your kind comments. There are three points I’d like to make here!

      1. It is perfectly possible that connections are betting their horse between the time of posting and the time you (and others) read the post.
      2. It is increasingly likely that SotD has appeared on bookies’ radars as a ‘swervice’ (i.e. a service to swerve – I just made that up!)
      3. The best way to hear of SotD pronto is to follow @mattbisogno on twitter. SotD posts are automatically posted to twitter when published.

      Hope that helps, and thanks again for your comment, which is a reasonably common issue and, as we move forward, may become more of a problem. Victim of its own success, and so on.

      Best Regards,

  2. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664)

    I agree with Ian L’s comments, great service provided by you guys. I can feel a run of winners coming on and I will be there to benefit.

    Best Wishes

  3. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664)

    Hi Guys – Only just read the stream started by Peter the other day. Just wish to say his comments are groundless and how you come up with you stats. amaze me – strike record is A1 too.

  4. Ian L

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for your response, all points appreciated. Number 2, the possibility of bookies reading the blog particularly interesting and I suppose in some ways a tremendous validation of your success!
    Best wishes

  5. Ian L

    Hi again Matt and Chris – great selection, good winner – I should have put more on – but that might have jinxed it for everyone!
    Well done and thanks again! Ian L

  6. Ray

    Nice one, I backed it to small stakes along with my own selection Stock Hill Fair at Salisbury, I got a nice return to small stakes. I thought your article on weights carried in handicaps was brilliant and it led me to identify Stock Hill Fair as a potential winner, s.p returned 14/1. It should be read by all punters.

  7. Stuart

    If Frankel was evens favourite in a race against about twenty 3-legged and incontinent donkeys, I’m starting to wonder if certain people on this site would think that was “value”?

    (Although I suspect D-Hynes’s post was poking fun at a discussion that took place earlier in the week? I hope so, anyway….)

  8. John Boyle

    Just like to add my thanks to Matt and Chris on their excellent service. As an avid disciple of horses/trainers for courses, strike rates etc. I really look forward to your analyses on “Stats”. I first came across you, Matt, on the “Nag” website with your friend a few years ago. Actually, I have you to thank,I think, for a comment you made(I cant remember when!) for following horses,regardless of age, when they return to their favourite tracks. Old Schinken Otto turned out again at Sedgefield on Tuesday and won his fifth race there,at 22/1! I owe you a drink,Matt!

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Haha, no drinks owed, John! Although, interestingly, my man Ray nominated Schinken Otto on our Placed to Win service. That’s a nice 47 points in front after two months of live operation, which of course we’re very pleased with…


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