Stat of the Day, 1st July 2012

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day: 1st July 2012

And so we have a losing month on the score card, as Quintilian was unable to win under a rare moderate ride from Barzalona (only jockey to go far side, well beaten).

We begin July with a clean slate and, due to a friend's 40th birthday celebration, I'm later than usual and have missed the best odds in the…

4.35 Uttoxeter

Dr Richard Newland is a shrewd trainer with his small string of horses, and he fares very well at Uttoxeter. His hurdles form there in the last four years has included eight winners from 31 runners for a profit of 14.17 units.

Today he saddles Changing The Guard, a horse who is yet to win over hurdles from six tries. He'll not get many easier opportunities than this afternoon, where CTG is dropping back in trip and running on his favoured fast ground for the first time over obstacles.

Clearly that is expected to work the oracle as he's been backed from 5/1 into 7/2, and although much of the value has gone, he could still start shorter come off time.

We need to be betting with a best odds guaranteed bookie on this one, in case support for another horse pushes his price back out, but Changing The Guard is expected to run for his life today.

Click here for the latest odds on the 4.35 Uttoxeter.

11 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 1st July 2012


    Hi Matt
    I don’t make comments to be published – you should know that – you show me were i ever got involved in a debate ,
    but you are the topic of my chat room debates – it was you who was foul mouthing me – just because i had a difference of opinion on the meaning of the word VALUE – AND STILL DO ,
    I wouldn’t read the feedback if I were you Matt – because it would do enormous damage to your already over THE TOP EGO you possess , and they are all of the same opinion – and that is FOUL MOUTHING IS NOT NECESSARY – whether we agree or disagree – we should agree to differ ,
    Another member at the forum said you have a history of acting like a child – if you cannot get your own way – you take your toys back , just one of many comments ,

    And there is absolutely no value in (Changing The Guard ) either –

    Matt you can scream you can shout – you can scream till the words dry out – so put it in all of the papers , im not afraid – they can read all about it – read all about it

    I won’t be silenced Matt – the internet is bigger than even your overgrown ego – publish and be damned – that what I say – and in the mean time you can READ ALL ABOUT it ,

    Regards P-K

  2. Johnny5

    Peter King – who are you ???

    No need for that barrage fella – you have nothing to offer and MB puts his opinions ( or ego as you call it) on the line for all to see and hear

    He is spot on in the value proposition piece , yet it IS subjective and you are welcome to your opinion

    However in what I have seen and heard of MB he is nothing more than a very smart , personable , witty and honest character who puts his ideas on the line for all to see

    You don’t deserve to be open to be pumping off in such a childlike manner yourself – you are nobody and so be off with you and don’t darken this forum / website of the man Matt Bisogno

    Bytheway – a 26length winner at 9/2 IS value (Matt led the way on BOG on this one) in anyone’s book and the case was well made

    Nice one Matt – don’t let this clown get you down

    Your site / columns / thoughts are well regarded by the vast majority of the intelligent population

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Thanks Johnny5, very kind of you to say.

      I did feel the price was tight enough today, which is why I suggested BOG, as there was always the prospect that – with the money already down – he might drift on course. That’s exactly what happened. Nice to get it right. Just a shame there aren’t 31 days in June! 😉


  3. Chris

    There are plenty of forums out there full of ill mannered and ill informed members, but I’ve a good idea where Peter likes to hold court.

    SotD’s record doesn’t need defending, so I won’t bother.

    Show us the money Peter, put up some value selections on here…

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Just to clarify, P-K is welcome here. Everyone is welcome here. But we must ‘play nicely’. (That includes me, and I can sometimes be a bit ‘over-sensitive’).


  4. Mark J

    Tip put up by Matt at 3/1 ‘but find bog in case it drifts’. £10 of my hard earned cash put on the nose as advised. It drifted to 9/2 and I am £50 to the better – fantastic. What’s the problem with you P-K? How about some constructive tipping from you – the phrase ‘all mouth and no trousers’ springs to mind. If you don’t like this incredible (and free) service then take your custom elsewhere and vent your spleen on someone else. You take yourself far too seriously…..

    Matt (and Chris too), you’re a legend and I for one will continue to follow you through the ups and downs of racing!

    Thanks for another great tip today.

    Mark J

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