Stat of the Day, 1st August 2012

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day: 1st August 2012

A winner but a short-priced one yesterday. Key Gold won as she liked at odds of 5/4, having been suggested at 9/4. There was a small rule 4 for non-runners, meaning we got paid out around 15/8. That completed a fantastic July after our first unprofitable month in June (albeit that was a loss of less than a point).

Without wantonly blowing the Geegeez trumpet, Stat of the Day must be the best free tipping service on the internet. (If you know of a better one, can you let me know please?!)

Today, it's tough, so I'm going for a real outside poke, in the…

3.25 Redcar

This is a poor race, summed up by the fact that the favourite hasn't run for two years!

It's far from a race to go mad on, but the track record of Michael Dods means we need to take a second look at his Henry's Gift.

He's rated 45, which means he's rubbish basically. And his form figures of 5009 this year add little cause for optimism.

But Dods has winners at Redcar - plenty of winners. In fact, he's had eighteen in the last five years, for a profit of 26.55 units.

Henry's Gift is reverting to probably his best trip of ten furlongs, for the first time since finishing third around this time last year. Form at that trip is 343, and he might get an easy lead today as well.

20/1 BOG is the price, and each way is the call, very small stakes. Do…

Click here for the latest odds for the 3.25 Redcar.

13 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 1st August 2012

  1. dave wisbey

    Hi Matt, I am not saying this man is better at tipping than you, but he has been doing quite good the last few days.
    The Majors tips 28.07.12
    1.45pm Ascot Rebel Magic 2nd 11/4
    4.30pm Ascot Dank 1st 3/1
    5.15pm Newc Lord Buffhead 6th 3/1
    3.15pm Yarm Minalisa 1st 2/1
    5.10pm Ling Arch Villain 1st 4/1
    5.20pm Ayr Cheeky Wee Red 1st 5/2
    7.50pm Uttox Whistling Senator 7th 7/2
    8.50pm Uttox Weybridge Light 5th 14/1
    4.25pm Ayr Trail Blaze 1st 5/2
    8.35pm Perth Blazin White Face 1st 3/1

    He’s on the MakeYourBettingPay site.
    Check him out mate,

      1. dave wisbey

        If you go to the site it gives you all his tips from when he started.
        I think its Running Profit/Loss = +68.0Pts
        check it yourself Matt.
        His tips for today are
        2.00pm Good Orsipuss
        2.00pm Good Trovare
        4.00pm Redcar King Of Paradise
        8.45pm Leices Lady Percy

  2. nick

    Hi Matt,
    Love the SotD. Moonhorse is another free tipping service, proofed to Racing Index, which is 24 points in profit for 2012…not sure how that compares to SotD?

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      Thanks Nick. SotD is about 105 points up since November – not sure how much of that is this year, but I’d guess at least 80 points.



    You asked if anybody new a tipster who could compare to SOTD, and I responded with
    the MAJOR, I dont know if he is better, all I was saying he has made me a few quid the last couple of days. HE HAS LOSERS, but sotd has losers., but at the moment in time sotd is
    making me £ profit starting with a bank of only £11 starting on January 12th. The thing is I need that money to to ride out the losing runs.

      1. Dave Wisbey

        I am glad you understand, mate, I am going to back the Majors last tip which is Lady Persy in the 8.45pm at Leicester and I hope she is the daughter of Sir Percy who won the Derby.I can’t be bothered to check that out but I think she is.
        See you at Uttoxeter one day,
        Good luck
        Jed (dave)

  4. Ian

    My experience is that it is very difficult to genuinely win on horse race betting. I have only followed Geegeez SotD for July but I think the results are very good, I love the analysis explaining the reasons for the bet and the fact that the summary at the end of the week agrees with my own records. (This is not always the case with tipster services, I can assure you.)

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