SotD: The 2013 Review

SotD: Review of 2013

SotD: Review of 2013

2013 was the second full calendar year for Stat of the Day, Geegeez' first real venture into daily tipping.

And although this "one-a-day" stats-based approach to bet selection suffered the obligatory peaks and troughs associated with betting on horses, it still managed to make a profit over the year.

It was always going to be tough to match the raging success of Year 1, but a profit was still achieved at a decent strike rate.

Without blowing the collective trumpets of both myself and Matt, we're proud of the figures accrued to date and we can safely say there aren't many (if any!) better free services around. In fact, most paid-for services would kill for our figures. And I know of at least one very similar service, with lesser results and a monthly subscription fee!

A full month-by-month analysis of SotD's results can, of course, always be found at , but the overall picture for 2013 was as follows:

Number of bets/selections/pts wagered: 330
Winning Bets: 87
Strike Rate: 26.36%

Yearly Profit: 23.62pts
Profit on Stakes Invested: 7.16%

Since the 1st July, however, the figures are 45/117 = 38.46% SR for 48.14pts (+41.15% ROI) profit.

These are figures we're happy enough with and a repeat in 2014 would be most welcome.

Thanks for sticking with us/SotD,
Chris & Matt

7 thoughts on “SotD: The 2013 Review

  1. jethro

    Hi Chris,
    Fab result to finish the year! As you know I run a staking plan on the SotD selections only and was up to bet No. 11 on the present run, so the stake was starting to mount! (The e/w place return on Tukitinyasok at Bet No. 6 reduced the following stakes accordingly, but each run of bets on my personal staking plan only ends when you nominate a winner).
    The very positive aspect from my perspective is that the stake on the next bet after nine losers and one place-getter was still easily manageable; and I still could have continued for another 5 losing bets if Luke’s Benefit hadn’t done the job. (Note that I am playing with the bookies money now with this plan and as a hobby only, so all is not lost if you ever select 16 SotD losers in a row!!! (Mind you, I must admit my pulse was racing a little as Luke’s Benefit approached the last and was rather delighted when he cleared the last obstacle! The joy of racing…Ha ha…)
    Anyway, I just want to wish you and Matt a very Happy New Year and really hope the Geegeez site continues into 2014 in a manner that you suits you both in the long run… The work you both have put in is very much appreciated and SotD in particular has become rather profitable for me to say the least…
    All the best and keep the winners coming in 2014! Cheers…

  2. Rambler

    Many thanks to you Chris and Matt for such a fun and profitable service – top draw !!!

    My local Indian is now a talisman and I’ll tell you why. New owners, first time I’d booked on the day SotD rolled in Classic Case (BOG 12/1). Alex came home from Uni. on 8/12 so we decided to celebrate at the Indian – yes, on the day SotD in the name of Kruzhlinin obliged @ BOG 9/2 and I thought “that’s lucky”.

    Yesterday after a busy Christmas managed to get a late cancellation at, yes you guessed it, the local Indian. No more needs to be said – so MY STATS are 3 from 3 beat that.

    Seriously though, it would not be possible without the great SotD service – long may it continue.

    Happy New Year to you all @ GeeGeez – Best Wishes

  3. Matt Bisogno Post author

    Fantastic job, Chris. I think the change we made in the middle of the year really reaped dividends, perfectly executed by your good self. Well done indeed!


  4. DogsBody

    Please can you tell me why is it that nearly every time I sneaked a peak at SOTD it was full of hard luck stories and tales of woe?

    I think two successive year of profit is absolutely remarkable. Outstanding work. You are sure to get the hat-trick. Its not something I have followed but I will try and work harder at my sneak-a-peak timing which could inspire me to sit up and take more notice of it.

    Again, very well done…. and good luck for 2014

    1. Chris Worrall Post author

      Sod’s Law, mate.
      Putting a selection up every single day, irrespective of the quality of racing on offer, does leave you open to the cyclical nature of betting. There have been many times during the 26 months of SotD that both Matt and myself have been scratching our heads and wondering where the next winner will come from. Then there are times when we’re picking regular winners, like the 4 from 6 last week.
      Stick with it, rather than dipping in and out, because as a very wise man said to me recently: “After a good run, expect a bad run. After a bad run…” I think you know the rest. Anyway, last week was great, this week has been poor, it will turn again soon.


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