SotD: The 2012 Review

SotD: Review of 2012

SotD: Review of 2012

2012 was a good first full year for Stat of the Day, Geegeez' first real venture into daily tipping.

This "one-a-day" stats-based approach to bet selection suffered the obligatory peaks and troughs associated with betting on horses, but managed to make a profit in nine months from twelve.

Without blowing the collective trumpets of both myself and Matt, we're proud of those figures and we can safely say there aren't many (if any!) better free services around. In fact, most paid-for services would kill for our figures.

A full month-by-month analysis of SotD's results can, of course, always be found at , but the overall picture for 2012 was as follows:

Number of bets/selections/pts wagered: 332
Winning Bets: 104
Strike Rate: 31.33%

Yearly Profit: 118.96pts
Profit on Stakes Invested: 35.83%

These are figures we're very pleased with and a repeat in 2013 would be most welcome.

Thanks for sticking with us/SotD,
Chris & Matt

9 thoughts on “SotD: The 2012 Review

  1. Chris

    Fantastic effort chaps! S/R of 31% and an ROI of 135% is very very good. Just out of interest, what was the longest losing run? The maths says the expected maximum losing run would be 16.

    Really looking forward to the new features you mentioned on your vid.

  2. Stuart

    Congrats – great job!

    It’s interesting that you get called all sorts of names for making almost 120 points. One wonders how well you would have to do to stay under the radar and out of the fire of all the morons out there. Make 5 points each and every day, I suppose. Well, good luck with that!

    Happy New Year! Here’s to one as good as 2012….

  3. Johnny5

    Great update Chris

    You fellas ate a class act … Intelligent analysis mixed with personality and opinion which makes us all wiser win lose or draw

    Keep the faith guys – we in the SotD community are all behind you

    Best thing Patrick ever did for me was introduce me to your site last Spring . …Must remember to buy him a beer at Cheltenham on the 26th !

  4. Terry

    Well done SotD! Despite the inevitable losing runs SotD still produces winners at decent prices and all for free. Each day I am bombarded with emails to tempt me into buying into a system that does not compare to the success of SotD. I like many wait eagerly for SotD to appear on the website as it’s not only for the next successful wager but also for the process and analysis. In addition I have enjoyed and benefitted from the extra suggestions, pointers and inferences which have led to winning bets which if we’re to be included would make the strike rate and return on investment even more impressive. Keep up the good work.

    1. Chris Worrall Post author

      At the risk of occasionally looking like I’m grasping at straws, you make a very good point that some of our recent detractors would do well to note. There have been many occasions where the SotD horse hasn’t won, but the trainers’ other horses(s) fitting the same stat have won on the same day. We obviously don’t count these in our final figures, but they’re there for all to see and I know that many of our readers back the supplemantary suggestions to great effect. I’m also aware of the growing number of E/W doubles our readers have benefited from on such occasions.

      Thanks to you Terry and all our SotD readers for your continued support,

  5. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664)

    Chris & Matt : Any future doubters should be directed immediately to this page, and then hopefully shut up ! Great free service you offer, brilliant strike rate and good banter. Let’s hope we have a great 2013 – SotD is tops.
    Best Wishes

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