Stat of the Day Update: 27th August to 2nd September

SotD Update 03/09/12

SotD Update 03/09/12

Stat of the Day Update: 27th August to 2nd September

It was a bit of a mixed week again for SotD, with just the one advised winner. Happily it was a decent priced winner (13/2), but unfortunately we had only advised an E/W bet, as the law of Sod was applied once more. This was continued as I managed to pick the wrong horse from the right stats on a couple more occasions this week: further adding to our credibility if not our bottom line. We also had some bad luck in running, but we also had some seriously poor performances: so all in all, a bit of everything!

Nevertheless, we recorded another monthly profit during August, when many commercial systems struggled and whilst 5.19pts isn't life-changing, it did represent a return of almost 18 % on your stakes, which beats the banks quite easily.

Selections & Results: 27/08/12 to 02/09/12

27/8: 3.05 Epsom: Cadeaux Pearl (advised 14/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 14/1
28/8: 6.20 Southwell: Shifting Gold (advised 10/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 15/2
29/8: 2.20 Worcester: Allerford Jack (advised 3/1 BOG) : Brought Down (5/2)
30/8: 3.40 Hamilton: I'm Super Too (advised 11/2 BOG) : unplaced at 5/1
31/8: 8.20 Wolverhampton: Theresnoneedfordat (advised 13/2 E/W BOG) : won at 7/2

01/9: 3.25 Sandown: Clinical (advised 17/2 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 9/1
02/9: 3.30 Folkestone: Efistorm (advised 12/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 14/1

27/8 to 02/9:
1 winning bets from 7
P/L: -1.94pts

7 winners from 29 = 24.14% S.R
P/L: +5.19pts
POI = +17.90%

0 winners from 2 = 0.00% S.R
P/L: -2.00pts
POI = -100.00%

83 winners from 269.5 = 30.80% S.R
P/L: +101.44pts
POI: +37.64%
plus a 12.03pt profit from 1 forecast => +113.47pts from a 270.5pt outlay = +41.95% POI

1 thought on “Stat of the Day Update: 27th August to 2nd September

  1. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664)

    What an brilliant strike rate you are maintaining. On a one-horse-a-day-basis you must be the tops. Great Stuff – and thanks for the enjoyment.

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