Stat of the Day Update: 22/10 to 11/11

SotD Update 12/11

SotD Update 12/11

Stat of the Day Update: 22/10/12 to 11/11/12

As you're all probably aware, I've been away for a couple of weeks, hence the lack of weekly SotD updates of late. So, here's the review of the last three weeks, bringing us up to date. It's not particularly pleasant reading, but long-term followers of SotD have still plenty of profits tucked away in the bank, even if the strike rate and ROI has deteriorated somewhat recently.

Those of you relatively new to SotD might well be wondering what's hit you, but we're extremely confident that we'll soon be returning to the winners' enclosures with increasing regularity as the jumps/AW seasons settle down to some form of normality.

As things currently stand, October ended with an overall loss of 4.67pts (just over 15.5% of stakes) and became only our 3rd losing month in 11 since we started. November hasn't got off to a flyer either, but as we approach SotD's 1st birthday (Saturday 17th November), we're still ahead of the game.

After 335 bets, we're still running at a strike rate of over 31% and the near-125pts profit on the year represents a 37% profit on stakes invested. We still believe that's good going for a free service, but everyone is of course entitled to their own opinions.

Selections & Results: 22/10/12 to 28/10/12

22/10: 3.20 Pontefract: Breezolini (advised 8/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 7/2
23/10: 3.20 Yarmouth: Clumber Place (advised 9/2 BOG): 2nd at 4/1
24/10: 8.50 Kempton: Good Authority (advised 20/1 E/W BOG) : 4th at 8/1
25/10: 4.15 Ludlow: St Georgina (advised 8/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 14/1
26/10: 5.00 Doncaster: Mistress of Rome (advised 8/1 E/W BOG) : 3rd at 11/2
27/10: 4.15 Chepstow: Robinson Collonges (advised 10/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 16/1
28/10: 1.55 Wincanton: Minella Stars (advised 9/2 BOG) : unplaced at 5/2

22/10 to 28/10:
1 winning bets from 7
P/L: -5.70pts

Selections & Results: 29/10/12 to 04/11/12

29/10: 3.20 Leicester: Barista (advised 7/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 13/2
30/10: 1.20 Catterick: Blue Shoes (advised 9/1 E/W BOG): 3rd at 10/1
31/10: 2.40 Lingfield: Galatian (advised 9/1 E/W BOG) : 4th at 6/1
01/11: 3.10 Stratford: Rossmore Lad (advised 8/1 E/W BOG) : non-runner
02/11: 1.10 Newmarket: Cousin Melchior (advised 5/1 BOG) : 4th at 11/2
03/11: 2.35 Ascot: War Singer (advised 6/1 BOG) : 4th at 8/1
04/11: 4.05 Leopardstown: Giants Quest (advised 25/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 16/1

29/10 to 04/11:
1 winning bets from 6
P/L: -4.50pts

12 winners from 30 = 40.00% S.R
P/L: -4.67pts
POI = -15.57%

Selections & Results: 05/11/12 to 11/11/12

05/11: 2.40 Kempton: Mush Mir (advised 11/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 14/1
06/11: 3.40 Southwell: Place That Face : 3rd at 5/2
07/11: 12.50 Warwick: Aegean Destiny (advised 14/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 8/1
08/11: 3.00 Musselburgh: Everaard (advised 11/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 11/2
09/11: 4.10 Fontwell: Beforeall (advised 11/4 BOG) : 3rd at 9/4
10/11: 2.00 Doncaster: Dorcas Lane (advised 9/1 E/W BOG) : unplaced at 5/1
11/11: 2.30 Ffos Las: Jackies Solitaire (advised 4/1 BOG) : non-runner

05/11 to 11/11:
0 winning bets from 6
P/L: -6.00pts

0 winners from 9 = 0.00% S.R
P/L: -9.00pts
POI = -100.00%

105 winners from 334 = 31.44% S.R
P/L: +112.93pts
POI: +33.81%
plus a 12pt profit from 1 forecast => +124.93pts from a 335pt outlay = +37.29% POI

P.S. The full SotD story can be be found right here.

4 thoughts on “Stat of the Day Update: 22/10 to 11/11

  1. martin

    Even SotD has suffered a couple of indifferent weeks…a long term view needs to be taken. Its record over the year is still impressive and the race analysis is still second to none. The long term results are a testament to Chris and Matt hard work. What worries me (and maybe others) is with some of the negative comments posted on SotD that Chris, Matt and the rest of the team may just decide to pull SotD from the site. This would be a big loss for all geegeez readers.

    1. Matt Bisogno Post author

      We’re not going anywhere, Martin. We both believe in the approach – and so do most readers – and SotD underpins the geegeez ethos too. The winners will return; the rationale has been omnipresent. 🙂 Matt

  2. martin

    I’m sure that lots of regular Geegeez readers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The thing is that SotD is a victim of its own success…some people just love to build things up (SotD in this case) and then knock at the sign of the slightest blip. As you say Matt most of the readers know that SotD will come good again…the long term results point that way. Keep up the good work.

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