Stat of the Day, 2nd November 2012

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day, 2nd November

A non-runner yesterday, though it was backed in prior to withdrawal.

Today I'm siding with a trainer who does very well at HQ, in the...

1.10 Newmarket

Back end maidens wouldn't be everybody's idea of a robust betting proposition, but Johnny G(osden) does very well in such races.

In fact, backing all of his runners in Newmarket maidens in October and November would have yielded a profit of over 50 points at SP, and nearer 100 points on Betfair's SP.

He has just one runner at HQ today, and it's in the maiden. Cousin Melchior has had a run already, when sixth in a Lingfield maiden. Although 'only' sixth, he was beaten barely three lengths having been outpaced throughout on that quick surface. The soft ground here is expected to help, and with the benefit of experience as well he might go close.

There is a even money favourite in the race, but it's hard not to think there's a reason why he's been off the track for three months since a fine run at Ascot on debut. He may be one to field against. As such, I'm going win only on Cousin Melchior at around the 5/1 mark.

Click here for the latest odds on the 1.10 Newmarket.

6 thoughts on “Stat of the Day, 2nd November 2012

  1. Johnny5

    Do some people never learn ? Whoever has been on first and posted a ‘1’ as a rating before me on Matts SotD needs to growup / get a life / give up coming to the GeeGeez site and pay money to get tips from some clown like Thommo to understand what value is !!!!

    Come on who are you – confess and give us your reasons ???

    I’ve marked it 10 so brings the avg up to 5.5 with this clown who surely must be either bitter or twisted or is a competitor of Matts ( who ever could that be )

    Sorry for the rant , aka Matt style , but sure u all agree is deserved ….and in contrast this is not deserved by Matt

    Here’s to a good run and a good night at Santa Anita ( fabulous track )

  2. Ian L

    Hi Matt – I read all the comments yesterday and its clear you have a lot of support from regular readers. However, my own vote of 10 for today pulled the average up from 6.4 to 7, so I am guessing there is still a few “1”s getting in early!
    Amazing that people have nothing better to do, but I guess that’s the joy of dealing with general public. I think in your position I would either stop explaining about value or include a short summary statement of the aims of SotD every day at the beginning.
    As someone commented recently, following your free selections is not a compulsory activity!
    Let those who don’t like them go elsewhere!
    Personally I enjoy SotD and the whole site, my only problem is that I don’t always have time to make the most of it!
    Best of luck to all for today.

  3. Jim Hdez

    As for all these comments regarding the vote rating, I personally would give it a 6/7. Even Matt would agree, the last month has proven to be difficult and with some big prices, unlucky aswell. However, surely a ’10’ would only be merited with a winner ?. We all have are own opinions, and I’m guessing those that vote a ‘1’ are people that either have only just started following or those that don’t post their own thoughts. This site has proved profitable over the year and I might jest with afew posts, but its the best site I’ve found on the net.

  4. Chris

    Can I just say that I look at this site on my iPhone and have never notice the star rating or used it but have just hit it as scrolling up and down page and it locked in at 6ish. This could be happening by accident. Ps I’ve been following matt and team for at least a couple of years and love his insight I don’t all bet on his picks just cos I might not feel lucky. I believe the point of the whole site is to give info not pick horses to bet on. I have bet in horses that matt has said about but maybe not to bet yet and have hit some big wins including 40-1 so it would take a lot longer than this bad streak to put me of. Looking forward to breeders cup

  5. Sloanie

    Hey Guys. I was just reading your comments and agree totally, however I would not worry about someone voting a “1” as it will always be balanced out and the more it seems to annoy everyone the more people will vote low just to aggrevate Matt and the team. I have been following geegeez for a while and it much more than Sotd. The insight the guys give is far greater than I’ve found anywhere else and as everyone knows it is so hard to find an honest opinion through all the crap on the net.Keep up the good work geegeez team…

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