Self-Confessed Racing Anorak Unveils His Secrets to Consistent Achievable Long-Term Profits from Horse Racing Betting...

That's me, Chris, Statman

Dear Betting Friend,

I'm sure you're busy so let me come straight out and say it: Unless you're evolving your horse racing betting strategy regularly to take account of emerging trends, you're almost certainly destined for expensive failure. Let me explain...

The racing betting game has changed in recent years, and those who accept that and embrace the new reality are the ones who will profit in the future.

In years gone by, punters sought winners almost regardless of the available odds. 5/4, evens, 8/11, whatever. After all, a winner's a winner, right?


The first thing a winner must do is pay for the losers that preceded it. And the problem with backing shorties all the time is that they don't pay for enough losers to ensure a profit overall.

What those short-priced horses do achieve, though, is a high strike rate. And a high strike rate is good for morale, if not necessarily the bank balance.

After the 'winner at any cost' mentality came the system-driven approach. This is a better modus operandi, as it takes the emotion out of betting decisions, and allows disciplined users to achieve long-term profits from a group of 'set and forget' rules.

The problem with systems is often that they incur losing runs, and losing runs lead to uncertainty and doubt about whether the rule set is likely to work going forwards. Whilst there may be flawed logic in the rules, it is also true that many horse racing bettors stop following good systems because they 'lose their bottle'.

I've been there myself. You've probably been there too. After all, it's difficult to keep throwing money at a mechanical approach when you're looking at the selections and thinking, "I really don't fancy that".

But now there's a new game in town. It takes the best of the system-based approach and mixes in a recognition of the need to keep winners coming on a regular basis. That heady cocktail is powered by data - statistics - and with skilled inference can lead to consistent, sustainable long-term profit.

That in turn leads to confident betting and, much more importantly, decent profits for data-driven punters.

Naturally, that all sounds great so far, but what if you don't have the time to dig into the data? Or, what if you wouldn't know what to dig for anyway? Or, let's face it, what if you just don't want to do it?

Allow me to introduce you to Chris, your all-human data-crunching buddy. 🙂

Chris loves data. He loves stats. And he loves winning. Best of all, Chris does win.

He's been primarily responsible for a one-a-day service on for the past three years. That service has generated consistent profits for subscribers since inception, and the overall figures, as of end February 2017 are as follows:

1637 Bets
459 Wins
28.04% Win Rate
£8,569.60 Profit (£20 level stakes)
26.17% Return on Investment**

Remember, that's over the course of little more than five years, from just one selection a day.

This has been great for subscribers to Geegeez Gold, but it began to frustrate Chris the Statman. His frustration came from having more than a single strong stat-based fancy a day, and not having anywhere to share these extra picks.

Thus, Stat Picks was born.

So what exactly is Stat Picks?

Stat Picks is a daily (Mon-Sat) private tipping service, with selections derived from a massive statistical database. Stat Picks offers its subscribers:

   Proven Success Rate

Stat Picks proofed to the respected site for 78 days achieving a 33.83% strike rate during that time.

   Realistic Profits In Your Betting Ledger

During the live trial, which mimicked the historical performance figures, followers enjoyed a 29.11 point level stakes profit (10.82% ROI)**

   Selections Posted Online Each Morning

All selections are posted in an exclusive secure members’ area by 09:00 am . Simply log in, get your bets, place your bets, and that’s it, you’re all done.

Stat Picks is hopefully self-explanatory but, for the avoidance of doubt, it is a daily UK betting service based around common sense and logic. It is backed up by the three year public track record of the man providing the picks, and in public trial here, Stat Picks achieved the following results:


269 Bets
91 Wins
33.83% Win Rate
£582.20 Profit (£20 level stakes)
10.82% Return on Investment**

Those results were achieved over a three month period - August to October - during the transition from flat to jump racing. This is typically a very tough time to bet, so to make a profit of almost 11% is an excellent return.


Going forward, Stat Picks aims to achieve an average ROI of 9%, and 6-8 points profit per month. Of course, many months will do better than that, and some will do worse. Heck, there will even be losing months. That, as you know, is the nature of the game.**

But the strong statistical background to each selection makes this a realistic, consistent and robust service designed to produce long-term profit for its followers.

How has Stat Picks performed since going live?

Stat of the Day, and public trials are all very well. But what about since the service went live? How has it performed against our aspirations?

Here are the latest figures, as at the end of February 2017.

A very steady profit progression over more than two years


As you can see, we've had good runs and bad runs - heck, who hasn't? - and, at the end of February 2017, StatPicks is +174.75 in profit.

We have losing months, but not too many...

Here's what that means in real terms:

1465 Bets
398 Wins
27.17% Win Rate
£3,495.00 Profit (£20 level stakes)
11.93% Return on Investment**

So StatPicks is operating at a higher ROI than it was aiming for.

Bottom line, to perfectly sensible £20 stakes, StatPicks followers have put over three grand in their back pockets as a result of following Chris's picks. Keep in mind that this is real profit achieved by real punters, just like you, who climbed aboard with StatPicks from the beginning.

Now is your chance to join them. So...

Here's what you'll get with Stat Picks

When you sign up, you'll be given your own password-protected access to a special members' area. Here you'll find the selections - online by 09.00am each morning - as well as any notes of interest from Chris.

If you're familiar with Stat of the Day, you may notice that some of the Stat Picks selections are a little shorter in price than you're used to. This is deliberate because Stat Picks is specially designed to hit the sweet spot between high strike rate and consistent profits.

Even the best tipsters in the world cannot select 5/1 shots to win 33% of the time!

Who will by suited by Stat Picks?

Stat Picks is designed for those who like a bet most days, and who understand that profit is about getting the best price about a horse whose profile maps optimally to today's race conditions.

It is especially well suited to anyone who may either not have the time to take a deep data dive, or who simply would rather leave the hard work to someone else! 😉

Stat Picks can be used either on its own, or as part of your existing betting portfolio, and its aim is to generate a profit of between 70 and 90 points over the year. If you bet £20 a point, that's £1,400 to £1,800 a year. If you bet £50 a point, it's between £3,500 and £4,500 a year.**

If you bet £2 a point, I'm afraid this is probably not going to work for you, as you'll struggle to cover the subscription costs. Which leads me nicely on to...

How much does a proven 'done for you' service like Stat Picks cost?

Chris has an enviable record of success which has been demonstrated in a 'live' environment (i.e. with people backing his selections daily) over three years.

He knows what makes for winners, and he's happy to share that with like-minded individuals who 'get' the new world order where those with data win, and those with 'information' often struggle.

But it takes Chris time to unearth his fancies. A lot of time. That's the problem with this kind of approach: it is very time-consuming. So he is happy to offer the fruits of his labour for a small fee.

In fact, you can try Stat Picks for a full month for just £7.

After that, if you like the approach, and you are getting benefit - both profit and fun - from riding the Stat Picks wave, then your investment will be £19 a month (if you opt to pay quarterly).

Let me be frank. I'm not going to try to justify the price to you. You either see the extreme value or you don't. Those that do will be on board, and the rest... well, good luck to them too. They might need it 😉

Chris is committed to his own success and to the success of those who join him. His attention to detail and customer service is second to none, and above all he believes that the pursuit of profitable betting and enjoyable betting is one and the same thing.

His track record over four years of public tipping - resulting in over 320 points profit - speaks for itself.

But, in case you were in any doubt, here's what other people have had to say about Chris' tipster performance..

What Subscribers Say About Stat Picks' Chris...

A thing of beauty! What a wonderful selection and wonderful way to start the week. Good man, Chris, and very well done. Thanks. - Doshtosh

Cracking selection, Chris. Gave the price a good belt as well into the bargain. - Martyn Colebrook

Thanks Chris. Another absolute cracker, got a bit of Bf 8’s and then some 13/2 BOG. Sky have just removed my BOG concession, not that it was relevant this time. - alpha2

Impressed with the approach and impressed with the results. Pays nicely for my low cost sub to the membership and more… - Ian

Congrats on a remarkable run of wins for Stat. I would be better off if I made it my only wager every day! - Manyanga

Try Stat Picks for A Month for an Unbelievably
Low Introductory Rat

Don't just take our word for Stat Picks' ease of use and profitability. Take us for a test drive, and enjoy a full ONE MONTH's access to this exclusive information for just £7


Quarterly: £7 for your 1st Month, then £57 / quarter 


Monthly: £7 for your 1st Month, then £27 / month

Stat Picks is offered through Clickbank, which means all subscribers are fully covered by a 60 day 'no quibble' money back guarantee.

Try us out and if we don't make you a profit, or you can't get the prices we quote - heck, even if you just don't like the website colours - just let us know and we'll do the rest. No dramas. 🙂

Well done Chris a great run, I have been giving my dad the odd tip from you, he thinks I’m a genius, thanks mate! 🙂 - Tuckers Luck

What a terrific treble. So well done, Chris, so well appreciated. Thanks, very much. - John Carney

My 2% of rolling bank is looking very healthy, tripled my starting bank since April - Fatboyjim

Been a members for only 3 days. 3 days 3 winners. Cracking start. Well done. - Anthony Page

Wins don’t come much easier than that! Great tip Chris – thank you… - jethro

Quarterly: £7 for your 1st Month, then £57 / quarter 



Monthly: £7 for your 1st Month, then £27 / month

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**Earnings Disclaimer:

The historical profit figures alluded to on this page were all achieved in front of a live website audience over the course of the past three years. Full monthly breakdown can be found here and here.

Whilst this demonstrates the historical credibility of the author as a profitable racing tipster, it is no guarantee of future success. Subscribers are reminded that they should only ever bet an amount of money they can comfortably afford to lose.

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